Advocacy and Campaigning for Human Rights Workshop in Ramallah

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Advocacy and Campaigning for Human Rights
Advocacy and Campaigning for Human Rights
Project Act Beyond Borders
Date(s) June 21st and June 22nd 2013
Type of participants CSOs Representatives
Number of participants 13

A two day workshop titled “Advocacy and Campaigning for Human Rights and Democratization in Civil Society” began on June 21, 2013 in Ramallah, the Palestinian Territories. Initiated by Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders, this event aimed to develop participating Palestinian CSO representatives’ advocacy and campaigning skills. The first day concentrated on advocacy issues, setting advocacy objectives, situational analysis, organizational capacity for advocacy, and an analysis of identifying stakeholders and targets. Presentations on June 22 turned attention toward tools to develop messages for advocacy, identify opportunities in advocacy, create action plans, and evaluate advocacy. Information delivered in this workshop will advance participating CSOs advocacy and campaigning goals.