Aspasia (Acpa) Ksidea

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Aspasia Ksidea
Aspasia Ksidea
With FWC October 2013-today
Title Art Director
Graphic Designer
Key Project(s) CyberEthics
Key Interests Web Development,Multimedia
Degree(s) BA (4,5 years), Diploma
Filed(s) of study Civil Engineering - Technological Education
Applied Fine Arts
University(ies) Technological Educational Institute of Patras

For a detailed curriculum vitae of Aspasia Ksidea click: Full CV.

Mrs. Aspasia Ksidea joined Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in October 2013. She is the Art Director and Graphics Designer of the Organization. Her responsibilities also include design of all websites and electronic infrastructure of the organisation.


Aspasia Ksidea ( aka Acpa) holds an Applied Arts diploma from Polikladiko Kalamatas, and a degree of Civil Infrastructure from A.T.E.I. Patras. Having completed her educational studies in 2006, she decided to remain at Patras, where she started her career as a graphic designer. At first, she was working in a small company (2006-2007) as a junior graphic designer. In 2007 she was given an opportunity to work as an art director/graphic designer for an other company. Making the most of it, she worked there until March 2011. At that time, she felt it was the right time to take the big step of moving to Cyprus and building a whole new life and career. Having settled in the island, she found a very interesting job in september of 2011-2013 at Sppmedia, and then at the July of 2013 she joined FWC as an art director/graphic designer and she holds that job until today.

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