Designing the next generation Cogniscope/Webscope

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This project has been a collaborative initiative between Future Worlds Center and the Institute for 21st Century Agoras.

The purpose was to explore and identify the requirements for the next generation of Cogniscope/Webscope software that would allow the significant enhancement and scaling-up practice of SDD.

Between June 18-July 1, 2010, pioneers of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras participated in a series of sessions of a virtual SDDP co-Laboratory with the Triggering Question:
In anticipation of the evolution of the Internet and other interactive technology platforms (social networks etc...) what should be the requirements for the next generation of Cogniscope/ Webscope software (CSIII) for the enhanced and scaled-up practice of SDD?

The results are documented in SDDP Design of the next generation Cogniscope/Webscope.

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