Different Cultures - Common Values

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{{Project_Contract |image= |project_title=Different Cultures - Common Values |acronym=ALF |donor= Anna Lindh Foundation |lead_partner=Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (ARCI), Bulgaria |call= |link_call= |agreement_number=ALF/CFP/2015/EDU/91 |partners= Alliance for Regional and Civil Initiatives (ARCI), ATAC (Tunisia), BISAV (Turkey), Future Worlds Centre (Cyprus) |cost= |grant= |cost_fwc= |grant_fwc=


|description= Support of teachers for implementation of activities with young students on intercultural dialogue. |main_page= |website= |about= |title_header= Different Cultures - Common Values |content_header= Different Cultures - Common Values, is a project funded by Anna Lindh Foundation, implemented in Cyprus by Future Worlds Center. This is a 2016-2017 international project aiming at breaking stereotypes of young people about other cultural traditions and foreign people.

expected_results= Different Cultures - Common Values expects to encourage educators and young people in the countries of the partners to

  • increase awareness about intercultural similarities and connections;
  • break stereotypes;
  • overcome prejudices about the 'other'
  • gain knowledge about cultural and traditional aspects of other nationalities
  • exchange common values
  • increase social cohesion and respect to diversity.

implementation= In Cyprus, representatives from 5 schools and one educational center participated in the project:

  • Faneromenis Gymnasium in Nicosia
  • "Nikola Vaptsarov” Bulgarian School in Nicosia
  • The English School in Nicosia (2 English groups, 1 Greek group and 1 Turkish group)
  • OLYMPION Private High School in Nicosia
  • G.E. English Center in Larnaca
  • Kofinou Refugee Camp School in Larnaca

To our satisfaction, we exceeded the requirement of engaging 5 schools and 50 students., Global Education Unit