Digital Futures Task Force

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Digital Futures
Type Task Force within the EC
Legal status 2012
Location Brussels, Belgium
Website Digital Futures Page

Digital Futures is a direct European Commission initiative. It is an visioning project aspiring to contribute to ICT policy beyond 2020. Future Worlds Center is collaborating with Digital Futures in a number of projects, including:

  1. Core Foresight 2050
  2. The Onlife Initiative
  3. Reinventing Democracy in the Digital-Era

Digital Futures comprises 4 components:

  1. Core Foresight 2050: Generating trends, visions & scenarios
  2. Young Futures: Consulting the digital native generation
  3. Policy making 3.0: Exploring participatory, agile, evidence-based approaches to policy making
  4. The Onlife Initiative: How will ICT impact social expectations around policy making?

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