E-Notes: European NGOs Observatory on Trafficking, Exploitation and Slavery

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Contract Title E-Notes: European NGOs Observatory on Trafficking, Exploitation, and Slavery
Funding Period 01/04/2010-01/10/2014
Partners Associazione On the Road (Lead Partner), La Strada International, Accem, Alc-Sprs
Website http://www.e-notes-observatory.org/project/

Associazione On the Road implemented E-Notes to establish a permanent, Europe-wide monitoring and reporting mechanism to combat human trafficking, exploitation, and slavery. Andria Neokleous, a CNTI subcontractor, served as the country researcher for Cyprus. Specific objectives of E-Notes include:

  • To define shared methodologies and indicators for NGO's reporting activities in regard to human trafficking, slavery, and exploitation in Europe;
  • To implement analyses, reports, and comparisons on policy, strategy, and intervention quality and effectiveness at the EU Member State, and European level;
  • To develop a web-based platform and information center to conduct the exchange and dissemination of quantitative and qualitative data in regard to the aforementioned issues in Europe.

The full report may be found here