E-TPCK Method

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The eTPCK Method is an innovative educational method developed by Prof. Charoula Angeli. It stands for Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge but using computers. TPCK is a framework that includes the role of context within practical classroom applications. The framework builds on Lee Shulman’s construct of pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) to include technology knowledge. The development of TPCK by teachers is critical to effective teaching with technology.

A web-based application was developed by Ekkotek, under supervision of Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute's New Media Lab between 2014-2018. The development was under the guidance of Charoula Angeli and Maria Christodoulou. The programming Team Leader was Yiannis Laouris, while coding was implemented by Constantina Spanoude until the end of 2016 and thereafter by Eleni Philippou.