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Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe (Elīza Danenfelde-Ķirpe)
Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe (Elīza Danenfelde-Ķirpe)
Period at FWC April 2018 - present
Field of Study Culture Management
Sending University University College of Economics and Culture (Ekonomikas un kultūras augstskola)
Local Mentor Helene josephides
Involvement at FWC Global Education Unit

Short bio

Eliza Danenfelde Kirpe

Intern at Future Worlds Center Global Education Unit since April 2018.

Before studied Cultural management for 5 years in Latvia, has degree in Cultural management and Cultural entrepreneurship. Topic of the final thesis was "Cultural events as a tool for social inclusion". Idea author and manager of the project/ social initiative ART.makes.SENSE. - workshop series for visually hadicaped and blind children in Latvia. Worked as an intern in Cultural even production agancy I-Radia Crea in Santiago de Compostela/ Spain.

Training courses participated in

  • Training course “Let’s play for social inclusion”, Luc-en-Dios, France
  • Youth exchange “ Together We Can”, Trieste, Italy
  • Training course „ Exclude exclusion – we do Inclusion” / Berlin, Germany
  • Training course „ Global Warning” / Izmit, Turkey
  • Training course „From Theory to Reality” / Istanbul, Turkey
  • Training course „Daudzveido savu rītdienu” //„Diversify your tomorrow” / Ventspils, Latvia
  • International programe's "Bridge It!" training courses in project development, implementing and evaluation / Riga, Latvia and Tartu, Estonia

External links

ART.makes.SENSE. Facebook page