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Welcome to Future Worlds Center Network.

This wiki is dedicated to all projects, people, activities, products, rules, ideas etc of Future Worlds Center.

Future Worlds Center (FWC) is a non-profit, non-Governmental independent organization active in programs with future orientation in areas related to positive social change, social entrepreneurship[1].

Founding history

Future Worlds Center was founded in 1991 as Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute. In the late 90's, it expanded its operations pioneering in a number of humanitarian, multicultural and peace related projects[2], [3]. At the end of 2005, with a new Constitution, it evolved into a larger organization with a pure international orientation integrating all humanitarian, peace, and multicultural activities under one umbrella. In 2010 the new name has also been legally registered [4]

Notable Operations

Promoting regional peace

Future Worlds Center pioneers in envisioning, designing and implementing projects that promote the culture of peace and reconciliation in Cyprus, the region and the globe. The Technology for Peace[5] initiative in 1997, founded by Yiannis Laouris and Harry Anastasiou members of the Cyprus Conflict Resolution Trainers Group aimed to capitalize on the proliferation of the Internet as a means to bear the communication barrriers between the northern and the southern parts of divided Cyprus. Other notable peace projects include the Civil Society Dialogue, the Act Beyond Borders[6] and Everybody's song [7]

Active promoter of the MDGs

Future Worlds Center is leading a number of pan-European efforts, which aim to promote the Millennium Development Goals within Europe and in Sub-Saharan countries. It was a founding member of the Cyprus Islandwide Development NGO Platform[8] and the Cyprus Community Media Centre [9]. The Accessing Development Education project [10] has collected teaching materials or guidance books on topics like Development Education[11], Global citizenship, Human Rights, Millennium Development Goals and many others from across Europe into one central depository. The Teach MDGs project [12] focuses on increasing awareness and public support for the Millennium Development Goals by actively engaging teacher training institutes, teachers and pupils in developing local oriented teaching resources promoting the MDGs with a particular focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and integrate these into the educational systems of countries across Europe.

Supporting vulnerable groups

Under its Humanitarian Affairs Unit, Future Worlds Center is implementing the project Strengthening Asylum which offers free legal and social advice to asylum seekers and persons under international protection.Its main objective is to ensure that beneficiaries have access to a fair and efficient asylum procedure and that they can enjoy their rights. This Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture has also operated under this Unit, and aims to support and promote the empowerment and rehabilitation of torture victims and victims of trafficking who are asylum seekers or persons granted with international protection status in Cyprus and to assist them to integrate into the local society.

The organization also runs a number of projects that promote and implement research in the field of safer use of the Internet; Cyberethics[13], Cyprus’ Safer Internet Center, which includes a Hotline[14] and a Helpline[15].

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