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IMATIA Innovation
Location VIGO, Spain

Imatia specializes in rapid software development for companies and public administrations. We position ourselves not only as a custom solution provider, but as a technology partner or an "external R&D department". The innovative nature of our company has been defined in the beginning (2005) by Information Technology Research and Development group originating from the University of Vigo, directed by Fernando Vázquez. An example of which are the many partnerships established over the years with information technology consultants, integrators and software companies, as well as IT departments of large companies. This strategy, combined with a strong and constant investment of resources in R&D, has allowed imatia to acquire great prestige as a technology company within a short period of time and at an international level. This commitment towards innovation has led, among other things, to the development of a powerful technology for rapid application development, called ontimize, which allows you to develop high-quality applications fast and efficiently. In addition to serving as a basis for customer software development, imatia offers this technology to companies or departments that want to develop high-quality applications, either for internal use or for distribution. It is a technology that is provided open source, in order to increase its outreach and reduce dependency on the supplier. Many of the projects undertaken by imatia are performed in cooperation with large companies and public administrations, which contribute important knowledge regarding their specific sector, for example energy power distribution, road transport, railways, renewable energy, telecommunications and eGovernment. The development of these projects has given imatia high-level sector-specific expertise. This has allowed us a fast increase of our experience on the area of of software solutions for companies (elastic business) and governments (cividas) which do not want the custom solutions desired by large firms, nor want to design their software from scratch. After having consolidated our presence in the Spanish market, Imatia’s most immediate goal is to further continue our internationalization, acquainting our wide range of solutions and innovating those sectors in which already have experience. We have an eye to the future, while meeting the current necessities; are always eager for innovation and making the most out of our partners´ resources.


HOU will be involved in the following project activities:

1. specification and design of the learning object model (LOM) to be adopted
2. specification, design and development of a database that will host a) the learning objects that will be developed during the project, b) student profiles
3. Specification, design and development of a www-based learning content delivery mechanism (the "sequencer").

HOU will assist in the preparation of the scientific grounding and literature review documents for the platform. HOU will also assist FC in the internal evaluation of the software as they are pioneers in software evaluation. Finally, HOU will contribute to the dissemination of the project and exploitation.