International Conference to promote Internet Safety Globally: Connecting Generations

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1st ISAG
Connecting Generations
1st ISAG Connecting Generations
Project CyberEthics
Place Limassol
Date(s) 15-17 May, 2012
Type of participants Academics and social pioneers involved in safer internet issues
Number of participants >100
Total Duration 3 days
Link(s) Link(s) to press release(s)

Short Description

The conference will be of academic nature with parallel workshops and will take place 16/17 May 2012.

There will be a number of training workshops and an international networking event as pre conference on May 15.


Insafe and the European Schoolnet Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and CyberEthics

Under the auspices

The organizers will apply to the Ministry of Education and Culture to place the conference under its auspices.


Up to this point the expected sponsors include:

  2. International Vodaphone