Irena Kyprianidou

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Irena Kyprianidou
Irena Kyprianidou
Period at FWC 2018
Field of Study Environmental Science and Technology
Local Mentor Yiannis Laouris
Involvement at FWC Works under the umbrella of Global Education Unit

Irena Kyprianidou is a member of [Global Education Unit] of [Future Worlds Center] since February 2018. She is a project officer helping with the implementation of several co-founded by the European Union projects such as Global Education Goes Local, MigratED and Youth of the World. Her academic background is on Environmental Science and Education. She is also participating in several Structure Democratic Dialogues prepared from the FWC team. She has already participated in two of them; "What Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) actions are needed for developing Marine Biotechnology as a source of local and sustainable economy in Cyprus?" which took place in Nicosia at 21st of February 2018 and "What Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) actions are needed for sustainable Maritime Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI) by 2030?" which took place in Larnaca 11th of April 2018. Both were realised in the context of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 funded project MARINA. She is also responsible for the development of several modules which will be implemented by the organization in the near future.

She is Cypriot and she speaks Greek and English. She has worked on Biotechnology Research for three months in the laboratories of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague. She has always been interested in Global Education and the way this kind of education emerged not from philosophical or theoretical work but from the demand of practitioners to re-define education in the context of the up-coming globalized world. Sustainable development and societal change is her main interests and she is planning to expand her knowledge by taking a Master Degree on Sustainable Business and Innovation.