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Kerstin Wittig served as Member of the Board between 1991 and 1999.

Kerstin has been with the FWC since 2005 and currently heads the Unit for Development Education. In 2008, she was involved in developing new projects, participating in European meetings and trainings to establish new partnerships, and leading and supervising the preparation of project proposals. Kerstin represents the FWC in the Cyprus Development NGO Platform. During 2008, in addition to the "Accessing Development Education" project, she coordinated "Building a multi-ethnic and multi-national Cyprus to promote European Values and Regional and International Peace" and the "Youth Ambassadors for the Millennium Development Goals" projects. Before joining FWC, Kerstin coordinated an EU-funded project and several informal initiatives promoting the integration of second and third generation migrant students in German schools. In 2004, as part of her MA degree in international relations/ peace and conflict studies, she conducted a three-month fieldtrip in Cyprus to research bi-communal peace initiatives.

Role in Ekkotek

Role in Tech4Peace project

Role in Tech4Peace project