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Contract Title Capacity and Synergy building among NGDOs and LAs in Greece, Cyprus and Malta for development
Contract Number DCI–NSA 2009/205-842
Funding Period 01/01/2010 – 30/06/2011
Total Cost €353,700.00
Website http://www.medevnet.org/medevnet/

Overall Objective

To enhance cooperation of NGDO platforms and LAs in the three countries, Greece, Cyprus and Malta, to become efficient agents of development and to participate in the planning of and the debate over EU development policy.

Specific Objectives

  • Establish collaboration, networking and coordination among Development NGDO platforms and LAs across Greece, Cyprus, Malta with EU institutions and UCLGA
  • Empower and build Capacity within Development NSAs and LAs to create effective strategic actions for Development and Cooperation
  • Increase dialogue about Development issues
  • Establish a platform to facilitate capacity and synergy building among NGDOs and LAs in Greece, Malta and Cyprus, as well as to facilitate exchanges of expertise between them in order to develop coherent strategies for Development through structured dialogue.

Estimated Results

  • Increased networking, communication and structured dialogue among a broad range of those involved in international development cooperation, NSAs & LΑs in partner countries and EU institutions which will lead to the development of a concrete strategy of cooperation.
  • Capacity built in each partner and associate partner organization on networking, lobbying and advocacy with a focus always on international development cooperation issues.
  • Reinforcement of the communication with the developing world through the cooperation with the experts from UCLGA and the migrants forums.