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# [[Policy: Counseling for Associates working with Children and Vulnerable Groups]]
# [[Policy: Counseling for Associates working with Children and Vulnerable Groups]]
# [[Policy: Project Coordinator Replacement]]
# [[Policy: Project Coordinator Replacement]]
# [[Policy: Project Member Replacement]]
# [[Policy: Virtual Officing]]
# [[Policy: Virtual Officing]]
# [[Policy: Laptop Security]]
# [[Policy: Laptop Security]]

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Future Worlds Center has developed over the years comprehensive Policies and Procedures.

To enable the numerous Future Worlds Center's associates easily refer to the Policies and Procedures as well as support other non-profits improve their own operations, the Organization has decided to make them public on its wiki. This will also enable their continuous updating and upgrading.

Every person affiliated with Future Worlds Center is obliged to familiarize herself/himself with the Organization's Policies and Procedures and sign the relevant Honour Declaration verifying that s/he has done so.


  1. Policy: Joining Future Worlds Center
  2. Policy: Signing an Honour Declaration
  3. Policy: Signing a Confidentiality Agreement
  4. Policy: Self and Peer Evaluations
  5. Policy: Working in multiple projects
  6. Policy: Signing a Contract with Future Worlds Center
  7. Policy: Legal-financial aspects of work contracts
  8. Policy: Counseling for Associates working with Children and Vulnerable Groups
  9. Policy: Project Coordinator Replacement
  10. Policy: Project Member Replacement
  11. Policy: Virtual Officing
  12. Policy: Laptop Security
  13. Policy: Public reports and deliverables
  14. Policy: Organization of an event
  15. Policy: Media relations
  16. Policy: Certifications
  17. Policy: Creating clusters of projects
  18. Policy: Hosting interns
  19. Policy: Using virtual infrastructure
  20. Policy: Office Rules
  21. Policy: International Travel
  22. Policy: Yearly Financial Statements
  23. Policy: Subcontracting
  24. Policy: Payments to third parties
  25. Policy: Associates making personal payments to third parties


  1. Procedure: Hiring process
  2. Procedure: Self and Peer Evaluation
  3. Procedure: Inviting and Hosting interns
  4. Procedure: Counseling Services for Associates
  5. Procedure: Laptop subsidy
  6. Procedure: Preparing a grant application
  7. Procedure: Media management
  8. Procedure: Organization of an event
  9. Procedure: Preparing certificates
  10. Procedure: Preparing public reports and deliverables
  11. Procedure: Payments to third parties
  12. Procedure: Reimbursing associates who made personal payments to third parties
  13. Procedure: International Travel
  14. Procedure: Preparing Yearly Financial Statements