Qualification of 3rd Sector in Europe

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Formal Project Description
Qualification of 3rd Sector in Europe
Contract Title Qualification of 3rd Sector in Europe
Lead Partner FENACERCI (coordinator)
Agreement n° CY-GRU-MULPART-2011-25
Partners Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute
European Center for Quality Ltd - ECQ
Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V - BTECNET
Ente per la ricerca e formazione - E.RI.FO
Federação Nacional de Cooperativas de Solidariedade Social, FCRL
AEP – Associação Empresarial de Portugal
CPCCRD - Confederação Portuguesa das Colectividades de Cultura, Recreio e Desporto
FMT-Federação Portuguesa de Associações de Desenvolvimento Local
IEBA - Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais
IN LOCO - Associação de Desenvolvimento Local
UTAD - Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
Grant €16.000
Dates 01/08/2011 - 31/07/2013

About Project Q3.eu Project
Overall objective(s)

- OBJECTIVE 1: Share 3rd Sector qualification experiences, debating conceptual and legal framework, financing and training models, successful practices, evaluation methods, competences recognition and other major results.

- OBJECTIVE 2: Identify innovative solutions and practices for management and working models problems in 3rd Sector organisations and perspective their possible integration as 3rd Sector qualification tools.

- OBJECTIVE 3: Define joint training and consultancy standards, in result of partnership experience/results integration.

- OBJECTIVE 4: Propose new European project proposals.

- OBJECTIVE 5: Create and enlarge the network of European partners, as a resource for these and other European partnership projects