Quality Assurance at Future Worlds Center

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Future Worlds Center is committed to the highest standards of quality at all levels of the organization, including its people, its operations, its creations and its facilities.

Quality Assurance through policies, procedures and certifications

Constitutional and Value Policies

The Constitutional and Value Policies reflect values and aims of the Organization as they appear in Future Worlds Center Constitution and as they have emerged and developed over the years as philosophy and culture of the Organization.

Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures reflect the formal rules and guidelines on how the Organization is governed and how its Members run its day-to-day operations.

Certification Schemes

All Policies and Procedures used by Future Worlds Center follow the structure and standards required by the ISO 9000 Standard. The Organization has completed the self-evaluation processes required for The PQASSO Mark. The expertise and skills of those involved in training and facilitation through the application of the Structured Dialogic Design Process is guaranteed and monitored through Future World's SDD Certification Scheme, which follows the ISO 17024 Standard.

Special focus on four dimensions of Quality Controls

Controls related to management of people, processes and performance

The management of people is governed by a number of Policies and Procedures and continuously monitored through the Self and Peer Evaluations Policy and the Self and Peer Evaluations Procedures.

Controls related to soft elements: organizational culture, motivation, team spirit, quality relationships, confidence

The Self and Peer Evaluations Policy and the Self and Peer Evaluations Procedures ensure that all associates get to evaluate their physical, virtual and human environment, thus contributing to higher motivation and team spirit. The organization is governed by a number of Constitutional and Value Policies which attempt to make Future Worlds Center Philosophy easier to implement in practice.

Controls related to Competence

Competence among the personnel is guaranteed through a significant number of Policies and Procedures, which evaluate, monitor, and improve knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications at the time of joining the organization and always thereafter.

Control related to optimal usage of infrastructure

Future Worlds Center resides in comfortable spaces at the business center of Lefkosia. All projects contribute financially to the renting of the physical spaces and their maintenance (i.e., cleaning, electricity, water, etc.) The Policy: Office Rules describe processes of how such spaces are protected and maintained. Moreover however, Future Worlds Center capitalizes on modern technologies and especially IT. A number of virtual technology products are available and their usage is governed by the Policy: Using virtual infrastructure.