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# [[SDDP Reinventing Democracy - Challenges]]
# [[SDDP Reinventing Democracy - Challenges (African Initiative)]]
# [[SDDP Reinventing Democracy - Actions]]
# [[SDDP Reinventing Democracy - Actions (African Initiative)]]
[[Categories: Reinventing Democracy SDDPs]]
[[Categories: Reinventing Democracy SDDPs]]

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Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era Press Release
Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era Press Release
Project Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era (UNDEF)
Place Nairobi, Kenya
Date(s) 9-13th of May 2016
Type of participants Young people between the ages of 18-30
Number of participants 16

In the week of 9th-13th of May, 16 young people between the ages of 18-30 gathered in Platres to discuss issues of democratic governance, under the project Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era which is funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund and it is implemented by the non-governmental organization Future Worlds Center.

This ambitious international initiative has as its key objective to increase youth participation in decision making processes with regards to democratic governance by empowering young people from across the world to invent and propose new, innovative and concrete actions aiming at reinventing democracy by taking advantage of what the digital era has to offer.

Under the guidance of the director of the program Dr. Yiannis Laouris, the participants discussed the shortcomings of our current systems of governance which could be improved through technology and proposed actions and projects to solve them. In order to collect the ideas of participants, the methodology of Structured Democratic Dialogue was employed. This method is very structured in process and very democratic in content and allows participants to truly engage in discussion, harnessing their collective wisdom.

The African SDDP co-Laboratory was the second one in a series of five co-Laboratories.



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  1. SDDP Reinventing Democracy - Challenges (African Initiative)
  2. SDDP Reinventing Democracy - Actions (African Initiative)

Categories: Reinventing Democracy SDDPs