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I am sociology professor at the Belgrade University Faculty of Philosophy in retirement. In cooperation with students who choose one or more courses that I was facilitating at the undergraduate, graduate or doctoral studies (Theories and Methods of Society Research ( in process of transfer to or, Sociology of Knowledge ( or, as well as the obligatory course Introduction to sociology I ( or and sociological aspects of interdisciplinary course Introduction to the theory of society (, or Action Research ( or in preparation, we continue to explore and attempt to develop the potential of the information technology use for interactive, participative and self-reflexive studying and research application of sociology.

I met in cyberspace some members of Structured Dialogue Design community as I was attempting to initiate Internet dialogue about the papers contributed to the sessions of the ISA Research Committee 10 on Participation, Organizational Democracy and Self Management during the First International Sociological Association's Forum in Barcelona on Sociological Research and Public Debate, in which I could not participate in person in September 2008. Ever since I continue to maintain ISA RC10 Internet forum as a virtual meeting point of all interested in electronically supported participative democracy and self-management at

I understood from this dialoguing that learning about and reflecting on SDDP might help make mentioned electronically supported courses still better applicable for interactive learning and research. Hopefully it might be interesting for you too to get the insight into the perception of ontological, epistemological and practico - political assumptions, possibilities and limits of SDDP from the angle of an aspiring practitioner avid to learn through doing and participant observation("Ontological questions of a Structural Dialogic Design apprentice concerning SDD Axioms from sociology of knowledge perspective" is available for reading at and for critical commenting at

My research interest includes critical history of social theories and methods in sociology of knowledge perspective and their implementation in just and sustainable social, economic, political and cultural development strategies' participatory design with an accent on the social class, gender, educational, ethnic, confessional and Geo-strategic aspects of global systemic accumulation of capital crisis, recolonization war complex disaster, social participation and self-management. More bio-bibliographic details if you are interested can be found at and selected texts in English at