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{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/University Education}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/University Education}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Working Experience}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Seminars}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Honors and Awards}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Professional Experience}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Academic Knowledge}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Other Experience}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Memberships}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Journal Articles}}
{{:Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Conference Proceedings}}

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University Education

Institution Degree Year
City University of New York BSc in Mathematics 1976
St. John’s University of New York M.B.A Operations Research 1980
Harvard University Budgeting in Public Sector 1992 (3 months)
Singapore Aviation Academy Airport Operations and Transportation Development 1997 (2 months)

Vitae/Andreas Shoshilos/Seminars

Working Experience

Duration Institution Duties
Jan 1976 – April 1977 Standard Importing Co., N.Y. Wholesale Salesman
Jan 1978 – April 1979 New York City Programme Statistician / Demographer
June 1979 – June 1980 Demitris Square, N.Y.C. Production Manager
Oct 1980 – March 1983 Civil Service, Personnel Department, CY Administrative Officer
March 1983 – Jan 1993 Civil Service, Planning Bureau, CY Coordination Officer
Jan 1993 – Dec 2006 Civil Aviation Department Senior Air Transport and Airports Officer
Jan 2007 -- Dec 2011 Lefkara Municipality Mayor of Lefkara Municipality
Jan 2012 -- Today Management Consulting

Other Experience

Duration Institution Duties
July 1969 – Sept 1970 National Guard Army Lieutenant
1975 University Campus Greek Club President
1976 Enosis Lefkariton of America President
1978 Cypriot Student Organization “EFOKA”, USA President
Oct 1987 – Jan 1993 Appointment by the Minister of Finance, to the Bus Company of Limassol to monitor economic activities after a large Government Loan Board Member
June 1993 – June 1996 Paphos Airport Manager
July 1996 – April 2000 Air Transport Section Civil Aviation Department Head
May 2000 – Jan 2002 Larnaka Airport Manager
Feb 2002 – Dec 2006 Civil Aviation Security Head
Aug 1997 – Aug 2002 School Board President
Oct 1997 – Jan 2008 Cooperative Financial Institution President
Sept.2003 – Dec 2006 European Committee on Civil Aviation Security Representative of Cyprus