Yiannis Laouris

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Yiannis Laouris
Yiannis Laouris
Service type Senior Scientist and Board Member
Previous Key Posts Pre-registration Doctor, Limassol Hospital, 1985-1986
Post-Doctoral, Georg August, Neurophysiology, Univ. of Goettingen, 1986-1988
Post-Doctoral and Res. Ass. Prof., Univ. of Arizona, 1988-1992
CEO CYBER KIDS, 1992-1999
Manag. Director Ekkotek Ltd., 2001-2003
Head of New Media Lab 2006-2010
Current Post N.E.T.S. Academic Staff
Degree(s) Medical Degree
PhD (Neurophysiology)
MSc (Systems and Industrial Engineering)
Field(s) of Study Medicine
Systems and Complexity Science
Technology and Innovation
Conflict Resolution
Dialogic Design Science
University(ies) University of Leipzig
Carl Ludwig Institute of Physiology
University of Arizona
Specialization(s) Peace Initiatives, Conflict Resolution, Sociology and Technology.
Social/Academic Work focued on the interface between science, technology and social entrepreneurship
Notable Achievements See Full List of Awards

For a detailed curriculum vitae of Dr. Laouris click: Full CV.

Yiannis Laouris was inspirer and key founding member of many organizations including the following:

and a number of other organizations and initiatives.

Laouris currently serves as Chair of the Board of Future Worlds Center and head of the New Media Lab and the Neuroscience Lab. He serves in the following posts:

  • Executive Board Member of the Institute of 21st Century Agoras since 2010.
  • Invited Expert of the Core Foresight, think tank groups created by the Digital Futures Task Force of the European Commission to anticipate global changes on the planet and to advice the EC on how ICT could facilitate shape those futures by 2050.
  • Invited Expert of the The Onlife Initiative, a high profile Think Tank of 14 philosophers and natural scientists created by the Digital Futures Task Force of the European Commission to anticipate changes in the concepts humans use to explain the world and to advice the EC whether concept re-engineering might be necessary.
  • Member of the Wisdom Research Network of the University of Chicago[1].
  • Represents Cyprus as Delegate of the Cybercrime Initiative launched by the Commonwealth in 2011.

He has served in the past or continues to serve:

He was appointed as Local Representative for a number of American-based Organizations such a:

He was/is Director for many European Program Consortia, including:

Role in Tech4Peace project

Founding member of the Technology for Peace project, together with Harry Anastasiou, Dervis Besimler, Bekir Azgin and Hrach Gregorian.

A business entrepreneur

Yiannis has launched over the years a number of successful business ventures.


CYBER KIDS was a nation-wide experiment launched in 1992 in Cyprus by Yiannis Laouris, George Vakanas and Maria Symeonides with the vision that introducing advanced computer technology in the lives of a critical number of young children using an educationally relevant and socially responsible, peace-enhancing curriculum would allow them to “transcend” the country’s educational and political life and move the new generation a decade ahead. By 1999, the number of children who benefited from their curriculum exceeded 15,000, which is approximately equal to 20% of the country’s youth population (ages 6-15). During the same period, the organization trained and employed 186 young and talented university graduates, thus combating brain drain while simultaneously spreading the CYBER KIDS Philosophy and knowledge to many more spheres of social life.

The Multimedia Factory

The Multimedia Factory was founded by Laouris, George Vakanas, the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and MISnTED Ltd. in 1993 as one of the first multimedia software and educational software producing company.


Ekkotek High-tech business incubator was founded by Laouris, Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute and MISnTED Ltd. in 1999 as the first high technology business incubator in Cyprus.


Yiannis authored Masks of Demons, a book that exposes stereotypes between so-called "'lifelong"' enemies.


Yiannis received numerous honors and awards throughout the years[2], the most notable being:

A complete list of awards is available here.

Key publications

Yiannis has over 50 peered reviewed papers in experimental neuroscience, neuropsychology, neuro-education, collective wisdom and structured dialogue and over 150 conference presentations.

The full list is available here.


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