Ambient Assisted Living

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Ambient Assisted Living
Purpose/focus Funding projects through competitive calls
Headquarters Brussels
Location Belgium
Parent organization European Commission

The Ambient Assisted Living is a European program funded by country members that operates independently of the Eurpean Commission. It is a funding activity that aims to create better condition of life for the older adults and to strengthen the industrial opportunities in Europe through the use of information and communication technology (ICT). It carries out its mandate through the funding of across-national projects (at least three countries involved) that involves small and medium enterprises (SME), research bodies and user’s organizations (representing the older adults).

The AAL Joint Association was founded by 14 member organisations on 19 September 2007 in Brussels; Total investment was planned at minimally €600m contributed in the ratio of about 25% from the Commission, 25% from Partner States and 50% from programme participants.

Cyprus has joined in 2014.

Future Worlds Center has been awarded the SENIOR-TV as Coordinator in late 2014.

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