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Date Created) First pilot version released Oct 2015
Target Audience General Public
Software Type Software
Software Format Mobile App
Software Description Allows any citizen to report news and viewers to evaluate
Language(s) English
Copyright Ekkotek

CiReNews is an innovative mobile App inspired, designed and developed by associates and friends of Future Worlds Center and its technology transfer office, subsidiary company Ekkotek. It was first conceived in the summer of 2015.

CiReNews is a highly disruptive new technology. Its need is imposed by plenty of research that repetitively implicates the media as root obstacle in the fight against political corruption and lack of transparency. CiReNews allows any active citizen to become a video news reporter using any mobile device. It also empowers all viewers to become critical evaluators. They can score any news item, with a few simple touches, for Neutrality, Professionalism and Accuracy. The scores are used to rank reporters.

CiReNews wins the 2015 Startups4Peace Competition

The government of Finland has launched a Startups4Peace Competition through its Embassy in Nicosia. As one of the three winners, of the first Startups4Peace in 2015, CiRENews won tickets to attend the legendary event in Helsinki.

The team of designers, developers and promoters of CiReNews includes:

  • Yiannis Laouris, Socio-Technical Expert and inventor of the concept
  • Melis Eroglu, Marketing Director
  • Chrys Zampas, Project Director, Supervising Development
  • Ilke Dagli, Political and Media Director, In charge of bicommunality
  • Katerina Fotiou, Software Developer, Designed the original App
  • Mine Kanol, Chief Editor, In charge of developing the monitoring rules and policies


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