Communication and Outreach for CSOs Workshop in Tel Aviv

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Communication and Outreach for CSOs in Tel Aviv
Communication and Outreach for CSOs in Tel Aviv
Project Act Beyond Borders
Date(s) 11-12th of August 2013
Type of participants CSOs Representatives, NGOs
Total Duration 18 hours

Effective networking and relationship building has a direct impact on a CSOs success. The Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders’ two day “Networking and Relationship Building” workshop provided participants with these critical skills. Held in Tel Aviv, Israel on August 11 and 12, this event began with an introduction to networking for CSOs, a breakdown of the conceptual frameworks inherent in relationships, a presentation of strategic relationship models in Europe, and various interactive exercises to enforce the presented information. On August 12 participants learned effective communication skills, team building, methods to ensure collaboration, communication and trust, and cross-sector conflict management. Within and between CSOs, the skills presented in this workshop are imperative to foster success and synergy.