Core Foresight 2050

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Core Foresight 2050
Core Foresight 2050
Project Core Foresight 2050
Place Brussels
Date(s) 29-30 March 2012
Person in charge Matthieu Kleinschmager
Type of participants Futurists from across the world
Number of participants 60
Total Duration 2 days

On 29-30 March 2012, Yiannis Laouris joined a group of 60 people gathered in Brussels in a workshop to kick-off a process of visioning how Europe may look in 2050. The European Commission's Directorate- General for Information Society and Media (DG INFSO), Digital Futures Task Force organised a series of events in the context of "Digital Futures", a visioning project to prepare DG INFSO for reflections on ICT policies beyond 2020. The exercise is designed to be highly participatory, incrementally drawing in people through both face-to-face and online engagement around a collective inquiry into the future.

The relevant finding for Future Worlds Center is in the table Annex 10 on page 45, where the factor "new models of democracy" received votes as "top desirable" but in the like hood category received no votes at all. Foresight ANNEX10 ImpactLikelihoodDesirability.png
This finding underlines the significance of doing research and supporting the development, testing and application of new models of democracy. This is also the subject of the Co-laboratories of Democracy: Best Choices for Designing Sustainable Futures chapter by Yiannis Laouris, Kevin Dye, Marios Michaelides and Aleco Christakis.

Building on this workshop, the Future Worlds Center teamed up with Digital Futures Task Force and co-organized the Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era (2012) SDDP. This led to a series of related activities summarized in Reinventing Democracy.