Dinos Georgiades

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Dinos Georgiades
Dinos Georgiades
With FWC 1992-2000
Title CYBER KIDS partner
Key Project(s) CYBER KIDS
Degree(s) MS Computer Science
University(ies) University of Patras
Specialization(s) MISnTED Ltd.

Dinos Georgiades was partner of MISnTED Ltd. and CYBER KIDS. He was in charge of Sales & Marketing and is credited for the rapid expansion of CYBER KIDS in Cyprus. Although he has never been employed by the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute he played a major role in the development of the award winning Cyber Kids Curriculum, and also in the organisation of virtually all Innovation-Technology-Social Progress Fairs and Electronic Art Fairs. Dinos has taught many classes at CYBER KIDS, he owned a Branch in Strovolos and his students have contributed a number of projects which have been marketed by The Multimedia Factory Ltd..