Eleni Michail

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Eleni Michael
Eleni Michael
With FWC March 2007 - Today
Key Project(s) Reinventing democracy (YiA 1.3)
Youth envisage and design their ideal future (YiA 5.1)
Reinventing Democracy in the Digital-Era
Filed(s) of study Structured Dialogue
University(ies) University of Cyprus
Specialization(s) SDDP Facilitator

Ms. Eleni Michail is a trainer and youth worker. She has started being involved in Non Formal Education projects after her graduation as primary school teacher in 2007. Now she is an education associate of several governmental and non-governmental organizations in Cyprus and abroad. She is also very interested in the method of Structured Dialogue and collaborates with Future Worlds Center for the implementation of SD workshops. Her more recent work with FWC includes projects such as Reinventing democracy (YiA 1.3), Youth envisage and design their ideal future (YiA 5.1) and Reinventing Democracy in the Digital-Era.