FAVINOM Consultancies Ltd

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FAVINOM Consultancies Ltd
Formation 2007
Type Consultancy
Location Nicosia, Cyprus
Website http://www.favinom.eu/

FAVINOM Consultancies (FC) is a small consultancy (6 people) established in Cyprus in 2007 and offers a wide range of services differentiating itself from the incumbent consultancies, priding itself on its quality assurance processes, creativity and pioneering ideas.

FC staff has extensive experience in media, marketing communications and internet communications. FC offers comprehensive media training programmes and is experienced in using different measurement techniques such as media analysis, opinion-former tracking, audience tracking, focus groups and direct response analysis.

FC offers comprehensive training programmes facilitated by IT enabled learning utilising technologies and tools developed in house (e-Learning ”Personalisation Genie” engine, Serious Games, Simulations, Augmented Reality) or customised for the specific training purposes (Plug ins for Moodle and Dokeos e-Learning platforms).

E-Hoop Partner

HOU will be involved in the following project activities:

1. specification and design of the learning object model (LOM) to be adopted
2. specification, design and development of a database that will host a) the learning objects that will be developed during the project, b) student profiles
3. Specification, design and development of a www-based learning content delivery mechanism (the "sequencer").

HOU will assist in the preparation of the scientific grounding and literature review documents for the platform. HOU will also assist FC in the internal evaluation of the software as they are pioneers in software evaluation. Finally, HOU will contribute to the dissemination of the project and exploitation.

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