Fundraising for CSOs Workshop in Bethlehem

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Fundraising for CSOs
Fundraising for CSOs
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Bethlehem
Date(s) 26 October and 2 November, 2013
Type of participants CSOs Representatives
Total Duration 2 days

On 26 October and 2 November, 2013 Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders will host a workshop in Bethlehem, the Palestinian Territories. This two day workshop focused on fundraising for CSOs. Like other Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders events, this workshop increased the participants’ capacity. The events of October 26 commenced with an introduction by CSO leaders, followed by a group ice breaking activity. Next, participants partook in presentations and activities designed to develop fundraising skills and utilize diverse sets of tools, including the media. The second day’s events began with a review, followed by an introduction on methods to create powerful online messages, analyze planning strategies, and manage fundraising. Recommendations for CSOs to develop a more focused organization brought this two day workshop to a close. With the knowledge and skills gained through this workshop, the participating CSOs are better equipped to handle today’s diverse array of challenges.


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