Fundraising for CSOs Workshop in Ramallah

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Fundraising for CSOs
Fundraising for CSOs
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Ramallah
Date(s) July 6th, July 7th
Type of participants CSOs Representatives
Number of participants 15
Total Duration 2 days

On July 6, 2013 Civil Society Acts Beyond Borders initiated a two day workshop in Ramallah, the Palestinian Territories. Titled “Fundraising for CSOs”, this workshop aimed to develop participating Palestinian CSO representatives’ fundraising capacity. The first days events included a fundraising definition, CSO description, and various discussions concerned with fundraising types, building relationships, and tools to identify and target audiences. For July 7 the agenda focused on maintaining relationships, marketing tools, fundraising examples, fundraising challenges, and methods to plan resources. Expert led discussions and interactive activities imparted relevant and applicable skills to the participants.