Insafe Advisory Committee Meeting 02/02/2012

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Insafe Advisory Committee Meeting
Insafe Advisory Committee Meeting
Project Cyberethics
Date(s) 02/02/2012


On thr 2nd of February 2012, Dr. Yiannis Laouris (CNTI) participated in this meeting through Skype. The themes covered at this meeting were the following:

  • Innovations for next Insafe project (for discussion) AB with external stakeholders; theme clusters meetings; Interactive community for exchange of resources; Indicators for Helplines; Youth Panel; positive content competition; Insafe/INHOPE joint communication officer; promotion of joint portal
  • Governance structure for Helplines (for discussion). Troika model Advisory Committee for Helplines
  • Calendar of Events (for discussion and date proposal): Planning of meetings for 2012-2013
  • SAFER INTERNET DAY 2012 Event (for information)
  • Sofia training meeting draft agenda(for discussion)
  • Cyprus Conference (for information): Invitation list and draft agenda
  • Portal and community update (for information): assessment platform; community upgrades; joint INHOPE/Insafe Portal
  • Collaboration with INHOPE (for information): expert exchange scheme; bi-annual strategic meeting (26 January 2012)
  • Working group meetings (for information)
  • AOB
  • SC Agenda