Jasper Zimmermann

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Jasper Zimmermann
Jasper Zimmermann
Degree(s) BSc in applied maths and physics
MRM Masters in Resource and Environmental Management
Field(s) of Study International peace and conflict, strategic studies, new technology risk assessment, regenerative finance
University(ies) University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Oxford
Specialization(s) Conflict prevention and resolution, sustainable and regenerative economic development, green finance, journalism
Notable Achievements Jasper was the lead organiser and tournament director of the Great Grand Masters division (48+ age group) of the World Beach Ultimate Discsport Championships in 2017 and 2018 (WGGMBUC and WGGMBUCC). He was also a player in both tournaments. He captained the German national team in 2017.

Jasper Zimmermann is a Canadian journalist of German heritage. He is the founder of PeaceQuest.org and initiator of a drive to set up regional Peace Projects Incubators, beginning with a Middle East Peace Projects Incubator (MEPPI) based in Nicosia, Cyprus. He previously worked as a business journalist with Deutsche Welle Online, with a special interest in sustainable business models and finance mechanisms. Before that, he led a research project in the domain of science-led climate policy development, at the University of Oxford's Environmental Change Institute, which addressed the question: What level of global average surface air temperature warming would lead to 'dangerous' climate change, in terms of the impacts on each of several major Earth systems? Jasper hopes to help contribute to a public policy discourse that proposes re-focusing the efforts of governments away from funding and preparing for military conflict, and toward providing genuine human security by implementing the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Jasper Zimmermann is founder of Operation PeaceQuest and the initiator of the Middle East Peace Projects Incubator (MEPPI). MEPPI has been co-founded with Yiannis Laouris, Harry Anastasiou, and several others, with the participation of the Future Worlds Center, and with support from Center for the Future and from the Horasis organisation.

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