Jenine Alexander

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Jenine Alexander
Jenine Alexander
Period at FWC write the years of service
Field of Study International Affairs and Studio Art
Sending University Lewis & Clark College
Involvement at FWC "Youth Promoting Peace"


Jenine serves as the coordinator of the bi-communal youth group "Youth Promoting Peace" at Future Worlds Center as of January 1st, 2006. She has a BA in both International Affairs and Studio Art from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. Jenine's thesis in International Affairs researched the regional implications of the public peace process of sustained dialogue that was used in Tajikistan beginning in 1993. Considering the political gridlock found in countless conflicts worldwide, her Art thesis consisted of a series of animated drawings that communicated the common feelings of frustration and persistence. Jenine gained experience in editing video while an intern to the Art Director of IMNY, a youth documentary television program at the Downtown Community Television Center in New York. While at Lewis & Clark College, she organized speakers who stimulated conversation about international issues. In the months before the 2004 election, Alexander trained canvassers for the Young Voter Project, aimed at increasing young voter turnout. Before that she was a Foreign Correspondent based at Radio Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico, sending stories to KBOO 90.7 FM in Portland. Jenine current interest is to learn more about communication tools for resolving conflict non-violently. She also participates in the Emotions in Learning project of the New Media in Learning Laboratory.