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The Lead SDD Facilitator is the person who has the prime responsibility for facilitating a Structured Dialogic Design Process in full compliance with the Dialogic Design Science. The role is referred to as Dialogue Manager Role. According to Flanagan and Christakis:[1]

The dialogue manager role may be played by multiple individuals on the design management team during any design session. It is not unusual for the individual on the design management team who established the direct connection with the sponsor to play the dialogue manager role in subsequent design sessions. ...The dialogue manager is capable of conducting structured dialogue with a broad variety of content stakeholder experts from different disciplines and cultures. He or she is able to retain his or her neutrality in terms of content knowledge, while at the same time retaining and enforcing his or her expertise in terms of the structured dialogue process.

The Lead SDD Facilitator supervises and certifies the work of other SDD Facilitators, SDD co-Facilitators, and/or Candidate SDD co-Facilitators. S/he is also responsible to ensure that the Triggering Question is submitted to the Institute for 21st Century Agoras for approval prior to conducting the Structured Dialogic Design Process, as well as to overview the drafting and publication of the final SDD Report.


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