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Project Let's get active!
Place Nicosia, Cyprus
Date(s) 7th of September 2015
Type of participants Citizens of all ages
Number of participants 25
Total Duration 1 day


7th of September 2015


Bank of Cyprus Cultural foundation

Short Description

The event was hosted at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural foundation on the 7th of September and it took the form of a panel discussion. The panel included Dr. Kalliopi Agapiou-Josephidou (Professor of Human Rights and Democratization at the University of Cyprus), Mr. Stelios Kythreotis (off-site newspaper) and Dr. Yiannis Laouris (chair of the board at Future Worlds Center and one of the pioneers of the Structured Democratic Dialogue methodology – SDD). The event started with the presentation of the results of the on-line research. Moreover, the discussion moved to the panel and each speaker made a speech on the area of expertise. Furthermore, the audience discussed together with the speakers the root causes that lead to low participation and have worked on identifying incentives that could encourage them in participating in shaping the EU policies. Finally, they proposed solutions that could diminish the obstacles of low participation and made recommendations and suggestions for active citizenship.