Non-Formal Civil Society Workshop - Women

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Basic Civil Society Strengthening Workshops
Basic Civil Society Strengthening Workshops
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Hof Ashkelon Regional Council area, Ramallah
Date(s) September, October
Type of participants Young mothers, women


The first action group workshop aims to give support to young mothers dealing with the stress of the conflict along border with Gaza. Strengthening them will reduce the pressure on the government to retaliate and escalate the conflict. These young mothers have created a series of meetings with the aim to develop a support group that provides stress reducing activities and hopefully meet their Palestinian counterparts. This support group identifies the needs of their peers and seek to alleviate those needs.


The purposes of the Non-Formal Women's Civil Society Action Group Workshop are for women,

  • To find someone who feels like them;
  • To talk to someone who knows what they are cope with;
  • To break from their regular routine;
  • To talk about their feelings;
  • And, to develop a strong group to help deal with life in the routine and during crises.