Open Day 20140321: Strategic meeting LogosNet - IT Team

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On the 21 of March 2014 Open Day a strategic meeting took place between Future Worlds Center's IT-Team and Mr Yiannis Drakos, CEO of LOGOSNET.

The meeting aimed to

  1. To get to know each other's work, challenges and opportunities in order to identify possible

overlapping interests and possibilities for collaboration

  1. Discuss collaborations in specific projects, such as Cyberethics, Development of Apps for

schools or other purposes, Digital Cyprus, etc.

  1. Main task: Explore possibilities to work together on Horizon 2020 applications and plan tangible actions
  2. Sign an MOU to summarise and plan further actions

The Agenda included:

  1. Tour to the premises (10 min)
  2. Yiannis Laouris: Short Presentation about FWC, its projects and funding (7 min)
  3. IT Team: Short presentations of projects and products (20 min)
  4. Discussion and plans for next steps

Moments of the meeting

By the end of the meeting the following were agreed:

    1. Strategic collaborations in the following areas:
    • Websites
    • TV - Short video spot productions with FWC
    • Promotion of FWC projects especially Humanitarian Affairs through various channels (MEGA, Live link, Radio, Websites)

    2. Strategic partnership in Cyberethics and become a member of the ISP Team as Advisor for Cyberethics. Exchange of banners, co-organization of events etc

    3. Collaboration in H2020 applications such as:
    • Cultural Heritage and European Identities
    • SME Instrument

    4. Decision to work together for 1-2 SME applications in subjects that will come from Mr Drakos.