Panel Discussion, Shfaram, 11th of August 2013

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Panel Discussion in Shfaram
Panel Discussion in Shfaram
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Shfaram
Date(s) 11th of August 2013
Type of participants activists, experts, youth, CSOs representatives, professors
Number of participants 200 participants
Total Duration 6 hours

The panel discussion that took place in Shfaram on the 11th of August 2013. People from all over Israel came together to visit the Arab town of Shfaram and the Bedouin village of Swaad in northern Israel on the occasion of Id El Fitir – the end of Ramadan. During the visit we visited the Mosque and the Church and were greeted by the clergy. The panel included speakers such as: Mr. Naftali Raz, Mr. Eli Safran, Mr. Sheik Taha Swaad, Mr. Toufiq Husnnie, Professor and Israel Prize winner Mr. Gabi Solomon and Colonel (ret) Shaul Arieli. The discussion focused various aspects of Israeli society and civil rights.


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