Panel Discussion in Tel Aviv, 11th of August 2013

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Panel Discussions
Panel Discussions
Project Act Beyond Borders
Place Tel Aviv
Date(s) 11th of August 2013
Type of participants Students,CS actors, Cooperative Members
Number of participants 50
Total Duration 2,5 hours

A panel discussion took place at the Bar-Kayma coop bar and restaurant in Tel Aviv. Yifat Solel, chairperson of ILCA and Julian Feder, one of the founders of the Bar-Kayma, and one of the leading members of ILCA gave a speech about cooperatives as a tool to change the society and the economy in both communities. The speakers talked about the new cooperative movement that started out of the social protest, discussed democratic mechanisms for economic organization and talked about the connection between social justice and human rights. The speakers engaged the audience into dialogue, discussing the different aspects of democratic participation in social economy while addressing subjects such as human rights and peace. The event started a series of "meetings on the bar" at the Bar-Kayma coop bar and restaurant.