Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era (2012)

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Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era (2012)
Contract Title Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era 2012 (Contract)
Funding Period September, 2012
Funding Agency Digital Futures of the European Commission
Partners Digital Futures
Website Official Website

The Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era (2012) co-laboratory is one of many projects of the Reinventing Democracy cluster.

The co-Lab took place in Lefkosia on the 14th and 15th of September, 2012 (full days) at the Cyprus Community Media Center in the Buffer Zone next to the Ledra Palace Hotel. It was co-organised with DG CONNECT of the European Commission Digital Futures Task Force as an event of The Cyprus Presidency and was under the auspices of Commissioner Mrs. Androula Vasileiou.

This co-laboratory was a highlight in a 2012 series of structured dialogues aiming to explore new ideas for reinventing democracy. The first one, (Using democratic dialogue to reinvent democracy) was a week long co-laboratory with 11 Greeks and 11 Cypriots. The second (Youth envisage and design their ideal future) engaged almost 30 Cypriots. This third co-laboratory is co-organized together with the Digital Futures of the European Commission and the results are online at SDDP Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era The aim is to explore how future and emerging technologies can contribute towards designing a better system of governance.

Background and Overview

The project aims to bring together 24 young people from all across Europe in an attempt to envision, conceptualize and design new models of democratic governance that capitalize on the possibilities offered by contemporary as well as emerging digital technologies. The project was born as a joint initiative between the Future Worlds Center, and the Digital Futures of the European Commission and it is a part of the activities carried out under the auspices of the Cyprus Presidency. The two-day event will be organized as an interactive co-laboratory, fully utilizing up-to-date methodologies and technologies of the science of structured democratic dialogue. The co-laboratory took place back-to-back with the Cyprus EU Youth Conference (Cyprus Presidency event). This builds on the priority of the Cypriot Presidency to address the topic of Youth Participation in democrtic life in Europe as a main priority of the trio PL-DK-CY, adopted by the ministers' meeting in the Council of Education, Youth, Culture and Sport.

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The results of the co-laboratory will be widely disseminated with the support of the Cyprus Community Media Center, using video clips and modern digital technologies. The results will be disseminated to youth organizations and initiatives across Europe to contribute innovative new ideas for reforms and policies that will guarantee authentic youth participation and capitalize on the diverse capabilities offered by emerging future technologies.
The expectation is that by the end of the process the participants will have a collectively developed vision and shared commitment to propose and promote reforms of current systems of governance in their own ideal socio-political-economic environments.



SDDP Reinventing Democracy in the Digital Era

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