Workshop about New Media at the Cyprus Technological University February 2012

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Yiannis Laouris was invited by the Dr. Christothea Herodotou from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Communication, Department of Communications and Internet Studies to deliver a 3-h course on new media in education. The title of the course was "Children, New Media and Immersive Connectivity: Implications for re-inventing educational paradigms." During the first hour, students worked as two teams and presented their work followung the instructions provided below.

Team 1: Are key competences better or worse served in the digital era? Resources:

  • Competencies
  • File: EU_ParliamentRecommendations.pdf
  • File: EC_FromBasicSkills toKeyCompetences.pdf
  • File: EC_KeyCompetencesForLifelongLearning.pdf
  • File: IPTS_DigitalCompetenceForLifelongLearning.pdf
  • File: Web 3D_Challenges_LaourisSanDiego20090306final.pdf
  • File: WorldFutures_mLearngToCloseGapLaouris_Laouri.pdf

Team 2: New Media Literacies: Envision an ideal learning environment Resources:

  • File: DigitalMediaAndLearning_WhitePaper.pdf
  • New Media Literacies:
  • File: ApplicationOfKnowledgePackets.pdf
  • File: EducationallyRelevantMetaData.pdf
  • File: IT_inTheLivesOfChildren.pdf
  • File: SimSafety_forMCP_Laouris_etal_Published.pdf