Y2P: Tree Planting 2000

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Project Youth Promoting Peace
Place Pyla
Date(s) 6 February 2000
Person in charge Yiannis Laouris
Type of participants Teenagers
Number of participants 200
Total Duration 1 day

Tree Planting 2000 The members of Youth Promoting Peace organized the event with the title Tree Planting 2000 on the 6th of February 2000. This was probably one of the first events ever organized in Pyla and therefore opened the door for more other events to follow. The group was facilitated by Yiannis Laouris. The elected presidents of the group at the time was Dimitris Tsaousis. More than200 youth participated.The event enjoyed visibility in the evening news.

The event was funded by the CYBER KIDS and Coca Cola. Following this event, the group was encouraged by UN officials to submit an application to the UNDP/UNOPS program for funding.