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The Πλατφόρμα Ομάδων Πολιτών “Διαφάνεια τώρα” (EN: Platform Transparecy Now) was established in March 2013 with the initiatives of many active citizens and eight organizations. The Platform was created with the aim of making surgical reforms in the system of governance by proposing new laws or law modifications that the Platform believes will have chain repercussions.

The first reform proposal involved a new law to regulate the financials of Political Parties. After almost three years of coordinated strategic campaigns and actions, the law has been voted by the Parliament on XXX.

The second reform proposal concerned the adoption of a new Law enabling e-Petitions. The new law has two dimensions: e-petition towards the government and e-petition towards the parliament. The President accepted and adopted the request and necessary measures have been taken to implement it by the Fall of 2018. The parliament dimension is still pending.

The third reform proposal concerned a reform of Election Law to allow horizontal options. The platform and two other organizations implemented a total of three opinion polls, all of which resulted in more than 80% of voters being in favor of the proposed reform. Following several campaigns and meetings with all political parties, the reform proposal has been made to the parliament by the Green party and it is currently under consideration. The proposed reform has been formulated by Andreas Shoshilos and Yiannis Laouris and published as a short Proposal For Horizontal Voting.


Decision-making process

Member Organizations are represented to the highest body by three delegates each. Any Member Organization may make a Reform Proposal. Only one proposal at a time maybe be backed up.

First Management Board

The Members of the first Management Board elected in 2014 were:

Founding Members

Current Members


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