ANEEI: Agency for Non-formal Education and European Information

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Location Bulgaria
Parent organization ANEEI ( Agency for Non-formal Education and European Information)

The institution is a non-profit Association.

For the “Agency for non-formal education and European information” work three persons as full time personnel and two persons as part time staff. For our project will work two persons from the full time personnel, two persons from the part time staff and one external advisor.


The institution aims to access the needs of young people and to give a concrete contribution to their requests in terms of participation, active citizenship, feeling of belonging to a common Europe, tolerance and antiracism. The Association’s aim is to get young people closer to European issues, to bring a European dimension in the region. The institution encourages voluntary activities, develops initiatives in the fields of education, culture, sports, artistic initiatives etc. Also, the Association exchanges information and experiences with other organisations that operate in the same field of activities, powering the exchange of training experiences, information and innovative experiences, between European inhabitants.

The institution implements and participates in regional, national and European projects (YOUTH Programme, Grundtvig 1, Comenius 2.2), promotes information campaigns about the European Union and the Programmes of the European Commission in the field of education; campaigns against HIV/AIDS and drugs addiction and encourages the knowledge on EU in the schools of the city. Also, promotes the youth international cooperation through the use of multimedia tools, intercultural education, linguistic and cultural exchanges.

The Agency for Non Formal Education and European Information is collaborating with the University of Sofia. Also, the institution is located in Yambol, one of the Bulgarian towns with high immigration rates among young people, particularly to Greece.

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ANEEI ( Agency for Non-formal Education and European Information)