ANOVA Multimedia Studios GmbH

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ANOVA Multimedia Studios GmbH
Location Germany

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in SteLLLa project.

ANOVA provides services for companies and educational organisations who want to educate with the help of computers. Beside the main business as content developer and developer of tools for eLearning ANOVA is often involved in educational activities where they work as trainers and coaches. Our competence fields are trainings for:

  • How to implement eLearning into an organisation?
  • How to develop an eLearning application (content)?
  • How to setup an educational scenario supported by computers and the internet (eLearning)?
  • How to find an appropriate learning environment or development plattform?
  • How to write a storyboard for an eLearning application?
  • How to code a content in HTML/flash etc.?

and a lot of other IT topics related to eLearning. They do this in formal courses of different educational organisations (university, vocational schools, media academies etc.) or non-formal using our portal and web learning environment. During the last years they have more and more focused our work on vocational trainings and education of adults. They work together with partners working in the health care area. They are member of the local group “AG Telelernen”, a non-formal braintrust of experts and stakeholders of eLearning in Mecklenbourg-Western Pommerania.

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