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Type non-governmental, non-political, non-profit association
Legal status 1993
Location Athens, Greece
Website http://www.antigone.gr/

Relation to Future Worlds Center

Partners with Future Worlds Center in Reinventing democracy (YiA 1.3)

ANTIGONE - Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence” is a non profit and non governmental organization established in 1993 in Thessaloniki, which also has offices in Athens. The primary aim of the organization consists in the improvement of the living conditions and the life quality of various social groups named as “sensitive” or “vulnerable”, which are often the target of discrimination (migrants, refugees, disabled, prisoners, homosexuals, unemployed, women, young etc). Given the social framework in which each of the above groups belongs and is active, the actions of ANTIGONE aim to inform, make aware and educate all citizens in a variety of issues.

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