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Name Position
Yiannis Laouris Executive Director
Soteris Demetriou Programmer
Elena Aristodemou Coordinating scientific projects of the New Media Lab
Danae Psilla Public Information Officer
Andreas Drakos IT - Development of awareness tools
Katerina Fotiou Programmer
Elia Petridou Head of the Global Education Unit, Project Coordinator
Demetris Demetriou Legal Advisor
Corina Drousiotou Legal Advisor
Anna-Maria Drousiotou Assistant Coordinator
Maria Georgiou Project Coordinator
Manos Mathioudakis Social Advisor
Evdokia Sakka Legal Advisor
Chara Zymara Public Information Officer
Veronika Sudi Financial Officer
Kerstin Wittig Head of the Development Education Unit
Annagrace Messa Project Coordinator
Inga Wojcik Intern