Ahmad Jamil

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Ahmad Jamil
Ahmad Jamil
With FWC July 2019 - present
Title Fresh Junior Programmer
Key Project(s) Concertina
Degree(s) BSC in Computer Science
University(ies) Frederick University

Ahmad Jamil is a fresh Computer Scientist graduated from Frederick University, currently located in Cyprus and works as a software Dev. enthusiast of internet Technologies and SmartPhones Developing . His Senior Project is about SmartTaxi android app. Currently he is working for Ekkotek as trainee programmer.


Maintaining the front-end of Concertina and improve some functionalities of it. Currently will be joined in GNOUS Labs Ltd. for some improvements .

Interests & Expertise

Ahmad enjoys developing web applications & Web Sites, and he has good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Java, Java Android, SQL, C++, and C#. He is currently learning LiveCode.


In his spare time, he enjoys playing Call Of Duty Mobile with friends and smoking Shisha. He likes the cats so much and enjoy taking care after them. Ahmad Works on his self, and tries to develops some personal project (Android Games, Web Site, etc) to improve his coding skills