Andreas Drakos

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Andreas Drakos is our FWC-pedia senior developer, trainer and administrator.

Andreas Drakos
Andreas Drakos
With FWC May 2009-today
Title Senior IT Manager
Web Administrator/Development
Key Project(s) CyberEthics
Reinventing Democracy
Digital Cyprus
Map Your Meal
Key Interests Web Development,Multimedia
Degree(s) BSc (4 years)
Filed(s) of study Computer Science and Finance Management
University(ies) University of Mesologgi

For a detailed curriculum vitae of Andreas Drakos click: Full CV.

Mr. Andreas Drakos joined the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute in 2009. He is Senior IT Manager and in charge of the development and maintenance of of all projects' websites and digital infrastructures. He is the Head of the IT Support Unit. Andreas is also responsible for creating banners and logos for projects of the organization. He introduces all new comers to the Basic ICT Skills at FWC and technologies required by the organization. He has a special interest in web design especially with Joomla, HTML-PHP and database with Microsoft Access (My SQL).

Andreas has has developed, installed and oversees virtually all websites and infrastructures of the organization, including the FWpedia. He has participated in all projects of the New Media Lab and in many of the other units.


Andreas has a BSc in Computer Science and Finance Management from the University of Mesologgi. His is currently working towards an MBA in Management in Information Systems (MIS). He is an experienced analyst and programs in various computer languages. He has extensive experience in programming smartphones.

Computer Skills

  • Advanced command of Microsoft Office™ tools (Word™, Excel™ and PowerPoint™)
  • Advanced knowledge of graphic design applications (Adobe Illustrator™, PhotoShop™)
  • Command of many programming environments including: (1) CMS systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, Mediawiki, Moodle; (2) Development environments such as Android Studio and XCode, Bootstrap, mySQL/Phpmyadmin etc; (3) Web Hosting solutions for VPs, Web Servers including Windows Server 2012, IIS, XAMPP, Apache, Git, etc.; (4) and many computer languages including html 5/SSC, JavaScript & JavaScript Joint, Python, etc.
  • Experienced in API Development, and Front- and Backend programming. He has a natural attraction, talent, and passion for technology. Knowledge and expertise cover the whole spectrum of IT, i.e., from hardware to software, from programming applications to programming front-end or back-end solutions.

Related Projects

The following websites have been developed, implemented and are supervised by Andreas.

1. Organizational Websites

2. Project Websites

3. Websites for third parties

Other Activities

Andreas also serves as Director of Ekkotek Ltd., the company in charge of technology transfer for all Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute IPR.

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