Association, Youth for Society

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Association, Youth for Society
Formation 2006
Location Latvia
Parent organization Association, Youth for Society

General Information

YfS is independent, non-governmental, non-profit, non-political organization. The organization has a Board consisting of 4 members and involved local volunteers. There are 12 constant volunteers and around 20 attached volunteers. No paid positions or staff. Our working methods are based on the principles and practise of non-formal education taking into account the needs, interests and the experiences of participants. Activities – youth meetings and exchanges, trainings and seminars, European Voluntary Service. YfS is fundraising for concrete actions or projects, the sources are youth programmes, basically, European Comission programme "Youth in Action". Yearly budget depends on projects accepted within programme. Main international partners are organizations from Georgia, Armenia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Germany.

Mission and Objectives

The goal of the organization is to create an open society, and to help young people get involved in various activities. The main purpose is development of life-skills and abilities of youth and students; promotion and support for their growth and integration in social processes and international environment.

Main Projects / Activities

Main activities focused:

  • to ensure intercultural dimension and carry out culture-centred learning activities;
  • to promote citizenship education, ensuring participation, decision-making processes, awareness of human rights and responsibilities;
  • to draw attention to environmental issues, ecology and sustainable kept surroundings;
  • to develop education through sports and implement outdoor activities as advantage for wholesome lifestyle;
  • to enable science related initiatives for youth and contribution of non-formal methods in scientific field.
  • See more at: [1]

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